Outcome: Hung Jury (16 August 2014).

Scope of discovery: Manhattan Bagel ($12), Flat White ($3.50), Potato Hash and Pork Hock ($15).

Leave to appeal: Appealed from judgment in the first instance (9 August 2014).

Appellate court: I really wanted to like Brooklyn Hide but the common denominator between the 2 visits was the sense of having overpaid for what was served. The Potato Hash and Pork Hock was a clean tasting dish that I would have been happy to have been served at a mate’s place or if it was something that I had put together myself – but not something that was worth the $15 price tag especially given the small serving size. I felt that the dish overall could have been better seasoned and sadly the only positive was that it presented well visually.



Case note (trial judge): Solo Saturday morning brunch visit did not yield a definitive view. You can ‘make your own’ bagel or choose from a set list of ingredient combinations. I went with the classic (lox i.e. brine cured salmon, cream cheese and rocket) combo in the Manhattan bagel which had good flavour with about the right balance of all 3 elements. The bagel itself wasn’t overly dense or chewy which made for easy eating – which sounds a bit odd, but some bagels can be quite a work out for the jaw!


Despite my love for all things bagel though, I didn’t leave with that tingling excitement you get when you’ve found something special especially factoring the somewhat premium pricing at $12 a pop.

Obiter dicta: Turned up with a specific Bagel hunting mission objective but left with a note-to-self to try the ‘cafe’ menu and its more substantial brunchy items like Potato Hash and Pork Hock next time.

Hours: 7.30am – 3pm. Closed Sundays.


Brooklyn Hide on Urbanspoon


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