Jurisdiction: Cafe

Outcome: Jury’s Still Out (10 August 2014)

Ratio decidendi: Average experience with the Spanish baked eggs but there’s enough menu potential to support one more visit.

Salient features: –

Special leave to appeal: Application granted.

Scope of discovery: Spanish Baked Eggs ($15), Beetroot Raspberry Tea Cake ($7.50), Flat White ($3.50)

Case Note: Solo breakfast visit to try the Spanish baked eggs on a Sunday morning. Perhaps it was the curse of high expectations but I wasn’t blown away. Tasty enough, but I wouldn’t say I got smacked in the face with flavour. The accompanying bread appeared to be store-bought but was handy for mopping up the dish, which I needed to as the shallow dish meant the contents disappeared a bit too quickly.


Still feeling a bit peckish was all the excuse I needed to sample from the range of sweets on offer.


I eventually settled on the Beetroot Raspberry Tea Cake as I was curious to see how the beetroot would feature. As a whole I enjoyed it – light, not to sweet with about the right amount of icing. Slight hints of all 3 elements but none were especially prominent. A good choice for the time of day but as with the baked eggs – happy enough, but nothing really to rave about.


Service was quick and friendly. I really liked how the waitress returned with a glass of water after delivering my cake (without being prompted and essentially reading my mind). Especially impressive was her doing so just as the place was getting hectic from peak brunch service. During the time I was there I got the impression that Uliveto has a deep repeat customer base, judging from the number of patrons the staff knew on a first name basis.

Obiter Dicta: The fresh fruit bruschetta looked promising and offers grounds for a return visit. Despite sitting alone and the steady crowd streaming in, I didn’t feel any pressure to finish up and move on which is always nice if you’re after a relaxed Sunday brekkie. This was in part thanks to the large indoor and outdoor seating area but also the vibe (or lack of) from the staff.

Hours: 7 days, 4pm close.

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