Jurisdiction: Cafe

Outcome: Jury’s still out

Ratio decidendi: Pleasant place to hang out after dinner on the lower North Shore but desserts aren’t world beating.

Scope of Discovery: Brownie Coconut Sandwich ($9.90), Churro Sticks ($9.50)

Case Note: Menu description reads – coconut yoghurt (froyo) and choc fudge brownie drenched in Belgian chocolate. It had all the makings of an epic discovery but the final product fell short after setting high expectations. Overall I found the dessert too sweet and a bit hard to get through, especially after the coconut froyo ran out. It didn’t help that what should have been refreshing coconut notes were overpowered by the sourness of the froyo, which wasn’t really to my liking when combined with the chocolate overload on the plate. It was always going to be hard making a winning dessert out of individual components which had their respective flaws.

The churro sticks sampled on a previous visit were decent – not too oily, with a bit of crunch – but not something you’d drive across town for either. All in all, I think you’d come here for a place to hang out if you’re not quite ready to go home after dinner on the lower north shore.

Obiter Dicta: Other alternatives if you’re after a place to hang out/something sweet are Kurtosh (Crows Nest) or Maisy’s (next door).

MooBerry Dessert & Breakfast Bar on Urbanspoon


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