Decision: Unanimous Verdict

Jurisdiction: (North-eastern) Thai

Ratio decidendi: Sure the main Thai dishes are solid, but you’ll want to come here for the #nextlevel BTS dessert.

Salient features: BTS ($16)

Scope of discovery: Jaew Horn ($19), Beef Brisket Green Curry ($-).

Case Note: Highlight here is the BTS dessert which stands for Better Than Sex. Pandan ice cream royally stacked atop a caramelised brioche = winner. Most Malaysians and Singaporeans are already very familiar with the simple joys of ice cream and bread and this is a jazzy take on that. The mains are very solid as well, but just not quite at the same level as its big brother/sister, Spice I Am. Wouldn’t be a bad idea having dinner there and then making the short stroll down to House for dessert.


The main dishes sampled were very solid as well. The broth in the Jaew Horn was full of flavour and offers a great alternative to those after a seafood tom yum style dish – but would rather skip the spice.


The green curry was on par with some of the best that I’ve had in Sydney – beef brisket was moist, leave-your-knife-at-the-door tender and bathed in a creamy green curry that I was more than happy to drown my sticky rice in.



House on Urbanspoon


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