Welcome to my humble blog where I hope to share with you my never-ending search for good (but reasonably priced) food, (hopefully) a bit on my travels and (if you’ll oblige me) some sport now and again. Thanks for reading!

Food Adventures Glossary

Jurisdiction: Type of Cuisine

1: Unanimous Verdict: Go with friends this weekend.
2: Majority Verdict: Solid, visit if you’re in the area.
3: Jury’s still out: Somewhere between average and decent, menu potential for a second visit.
4: Hung Jury: Average, nothing particularly special.
5: Case dismissed: One and done.

Ratio decidendi: The go-to dishes, best dishes to try.

Scope of inquiry: Dishes that have been sampled to reach a view.

Appellate Court: There were enough promising signs during the first visit to warrant a return.

At First Instance: The first visit.

Obiter Dicta: Any other random tidbits of info that may (or may not) be relevant i.e. licence to ramble.

About the writer
Third Culture Kid living in Sydney. Loves food (surprise, surprise) with a bias towards the mid-low price range, travelling (often to find food) and sport (to offset the associated calories).


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