Jurisdiction: Cantonese

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio decidendi: Great value for ‘rice and share-dishes’ dinner. Even better value if you come for the supper special.

Salient features: XO Pippies (with crispy vermicelli)

Scope of discovery: Crispy Taro Crusted Duck, Claypot Eggplant, Beancurd & Brocolli, Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs. Total bill: $127.

Case Note: The winning dish sampled was the XO pippies. Make sure you order it with crispy vermicelli though – as its a clever way to make sure none of that precious XO sauce goes to waste.


I also quite liked the eggplant claypot, which wasn’t as oily as others I’ve tried but you still need a balancing element – plain steamed rice works fine – to enjoy it. No complaints with any of the other dishes in the sample, they comfortably sit around the mean and I’d be keen to return to try some others.


One of the best things about this place is the value – $21 a head (the sample fed a group of 6) is incredible given we ordered 2 ‘premium’ dishes in the form of the XO pippies and crispy taro crusted duck.

Obiter Dicta: I have yet to try a version of the crispy taro crusted duck which offers some semblance of a 50-50 distribution of taro and duck. The most generous I’ve seen was 30% duck 70% taro and this didn’t better that at around 20-80. I have always wondered why restaurants can’t simply scale up the Wu Kok that you find at dim sum – which is basically the same concept (with pork in place of duck) but so much better balanced.

Also in case you’re wondering, this place doesn’t serve Thai. A friend’s guess is that the owner just decided not to change the name of the restaurant when they took it over.
Masthai Seafood on Urbanspoon


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