Jurisdiction: Indonesian (Chinese)

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Ratio decidendi: This place is legit. Right down to the shower cap ‘auntie’ manning the wok.

Salient features: Bakmi Baso Ikan Ayam, Nasi Goreng Babi Special

Scope of discovery: Puyunghai Udang, Sapo Tahu

Case Note: The two winning dishes that we’d come back for again and again are the Bakmi Baso Ikan Ayam and the Nasi Goreng Babi. The first is a bowl of egg noodles dry tossed in pork fat/lard and topped with mince. A simple dish, but executed to absolute perfection – the contents of the bowl disappeared so quickly that we had to order a second serve to keep everyone happy.


Another simple dish executed perfectly is the nasi goreng babi – directly translated as pork fried rice. Chinese sausage, fish cake, fish balls and a runny sunny side up fried up come standard in the ‘special’ version. For me, the distinctive element that elevates this dish is the grain separation in the rice. Every – single – grain is separated, maximizing surface area and consequently flavour. I’ve never seen anything like it, at least not to this degree.


The Puyunghai Udang is a prawn omelette that has been deep fried to the nth degree resulting in a pancake like product. By itself it’s rather dry and bordering on under-seasoned hence why it comes with a rather suspect-looking pink sweet and sour sauce. My preference was to dunk bite sized pieces in the clear soup that came with the bak mi or use the residual sauce from the Sapo Tahu (beancurd, meat and vegetables), but I’d probably allocate the calorie budget to eating more of the 2 winning dishes above next time.

DSC_1269 DSC_1266

Obiter Dicta: When we left at about 9pm on a Sunday night, I was gobsmacked at how quiet the place was given what we’d just eaten. Decor/appearance-wise it doesn’t look like much – but that’s what got me excited as soon as I walked through the door so give it a chance!


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