Jurisdiction: Brazilian

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Ratio decidendi: Best Feijoada that I’ve had in Australia, and dare I say it’s better than quite a few I tasted during my trip to Brasil.

Salient features: Feijoada

Case Note: Feijoada is a hearty pork, beef, smoked chorizo and black bean stew served with rice and a side of farofa. Just think that over for a moment – pork… beef… smoked chorizo…and black bean stew – can a Brasileiro really ask for more? Well I guess he can, but take my word for it when I say Bronte Belo does well in bringing them a little bit of Brasil to the shores of Bronte.


Obiter Dicta: Farofa is a common accompaniment for many dishes in Brasil. It’s a toasted manioc flour flavored with butter, onions and bacon. Yes you read that right, bacon bacon bacon.


Bronte Belo on Urbanspoon


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