Jurisdiction: Thai

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio decidendi: Overall a decent place to come for hawker-style noodle and rice dishes but doesn’t seem to have a ‘wow’ factor dish that you’d come back for.

Scope of discovery: Crispy Egg Noodle in Thick Gravy Sauce ($9.90), Suki Hang ($9.90)

Case Note: The crispy egg noodle in thick gravy is a generous serve that’s served ‘deconstructed’ – you have to combine the separate deep-fried noodles and gravy components yourself as per the before and after shots below. Tasty dish, and I liked the fact that despite being deep-fried, the noodles weren’t heavy or saturated with oil.

DSC_1156 DSC_1158

I probably wouldn’t order Suki Hang again – vermicelli, chinese cabbage, choy sum and egg fried in a spicy (and sourish) beancurd sauce. A bit on the soggy side for me, with rather pedestrian flavour.


Obiter Dicta: The Tuck Shop is the Satang group(?)’s third instalment which aims to fill the market gap between the original Satang Thai Takeaway joint and the sit-down Satang Exclusive restaurant. Given the choice, I’d probably stick to the original two joints.

Satang Tuck Shop on Urbanspoon


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