Jurisdiction: Granita / Gelato

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Ratio Decidendi: I’d come here for the granitas – which I’d describe as (without meaning to detract from in any way) a fancy slushie.

Scope of discovery: Chocolate & Strawberry Granita /w Brioche, coffee granita, almond granita, gelato sandwich

Case Note: Given I haven’t tried many before (ok make that none), I’m not really in a position to say whether this is a good granita – but it’s certainly a good slushie! I went with a mix of chocolate and strawberry flavours which I found surprisingly good – I say surprising because I really liked it despite not being the biggest fan of chocolate.


The typical ‘heavy’ / rich notes of chocolate were muted in granita-form, and even refreshing to a small degree. Perhaps not the best thing for chocolate purists, but for me it makes the flavour more order-able as sometimes I feel like I need to be ‘in the mood’ to order rich and heavy flavours e.g. on a hot summers day I’m more likely to go for that coconut pandan flavour rather than triple super dark chocolate. Other flavours I managed to taste by bartering bits of brioche (ala Settlers of Catan), were coffee and almond. The coffee flavour came through strongly and was a solid choice but I wasn’t too big a fan of the almond (this really comes down to personal preference though).

You’ll be offered the option of getting a brioche for an extra $2 to tear bits off and dunk into your granita. Worth doing the first time (perhaps split one between a few of you) to see what it tastes like but I probably wouldn’t order it again. The brioche assessed on a standalone basis was pretty pedestrian. I think that, together with poor flavour selection, was why I didn’t enjoy the gelato burger as much as I’d hoped during a previous visit. I’d recommend asking for a taster before picking your flavours as some can be quite love or hate.



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