Jurisdiction: Cafe

Outcome: Jury’s still out

Ratio decidendi: Not yet sold on the food, but love the vibe.

Scope of discovery: Eggs Benedict /w pulled pork ($17), Flattened muffin, Flat white

Case Note: Pulled pork features a fair bit here but I was a tad disappointed by the way it was combined with eggs Benedict. The pulled pork in isolation was juicy and tender but seemed to be short on standalone flavour. While completely understandable given the generous amounts of Hollandaise dolloped over the top, it did leave it heavily dependent on the sauce bringing the dish home – which it didn’t quite do for me. What I found helped, and could have had more of, were the other sauces on the plate (red, green, brown below). Unfortunately my unsophisticated palate renders me useless in identifying what any of them are, but they gave the dish some of the acidity needed to cut through the Hollandaise.


The flattened muffin from an earlier visit sadly wasn’t all that memorable either, but possibly due in part to me ordering it at the end of day when it wasn’t the freshest. The berries, while certainly generous, seemed to overpower everything – I couldn’t really taste much else.


Obiter dicta: John Smith is the first place that I’ve come across where you can pick up one of Brewtown’s brewnuts (read: cronuts). Overall a great vibe, and despite not having a spectacular food experience it was very pleasant chillin’ at one of the benches at the window bathing in the sun.


John Smith Cafe on Urbanspoon


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