Jurisdiction: Italian (Pasta)

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio decidendi: The place to go if you’re after pasta for lunch in the CBD.

Scope of discovery: Nonna’s famous beef bolognese ($17), Panzerotti ($12)

Case Note: Locally famous cafe in the CBD and one can see why. Not completely sold on nonna’s ‘famous’ bolognese, but the linguine itself was #nextlevel. Cooked al dente, it’s clear this place takes its pasta seriously – evident in there only being 3 choices of pasta: linguine, penne or gnocchi.


The panzerotti (pictured below) was a ‘special’ menu item and got a big tick up until we found out how much they cost. Described by the service staff as mini calzones, a closer description probably would have been Italian Ham Sui Gok (aka the ‘football dumplings’ you find at yum cha). To say they were light-handed with the filling would have been quite an understatement, but they were light and tasty snack nonetheless. $12 for 4 seems very aggressive pricing given what you’re getting and I probably wouldn’t order it again at that price point.

DSC_1245 DSC_1249

Obiter Dicta: Bookings essential, this place gets hectic during lunch time.

Panzerotti Cafe on Urbanspoon


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