Jurisdiction: American

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio Decidendi: Decent burgers and lobster mains, but pricey for what you’re getting.

Scope of discovery: Mini Uncle Sam Cheeseburger ($22), Lobster with truffle butter ($55), Deep fried mars bar ($14), Busted Lemon Cheesecake ($12).

Case Note: I can’t call out anything particularly good or bad about the cheeseburger – well cooked and seasoned wagyu patty, (i’m assuming monterey) jack cheese mix, tomato, mustard, aioli, lettuce between maccas-cheeseburger-lookalike-buns. My only gripe is that it’s probably about as satisfying as let’s say…North’s burgers (cnr Bridge and George St) but comes at a >50% premium.


Same story with the lobster which was well cooked, and happily downed with truffle butter copiously applied but – is it $55 good especially in light of it being a half lobster (and a seemingly small one at that)? I’d be leaning towards no.


There were few positives to be found in the dessert – and a general sense of ‘wasted calories’ about halfway through. While the deep fried mars bar certainly spurred our imaginations, the end product simply had too much going on in terms of number of elements on the plate. I tried and failed to decipher what each was supposed to add, and in the end would have been much happier with just the deep fried mars bar had they been more generous with the vanilla ice cream. ‘Busted’ was simply another way of saying ‘deconstructed’ when it came to the cheesecake, which didn’t have the same complexity problem but failed to offer a memorable note to go out on.

DSC_1209 DSC_1211

Obiter Dicta: To get to the Rook you enter the nondescript office building on 56 York St, and hit “R” in the elevator to access the bar/restaurant. I’ve previously walked past the building entrance on Friday nights and wondered why there’d be people hanging out outside an office block – until now!

The Rook on Urbanspoon


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