Jurisdiction: Cafe

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio Decidendi: Solid 12 hour brisket panini but wagyu cheeseburger lets its Blackmore heritage down.

Scope of discovery: 12 Hour Brisket Panini ($11), Pork Krakel Panini ($11), Cheeseburger ($13)

Case note: The 12 Hour Brisket panini is the pick of the lot. It starts with moist and juicy brisket, complemented with daikon, carrot and pineapple, then turned up to 11 (well maybe more of a 8) with a good hit of wholegrain mustard. A solid panini with generous fillings that I’d happily return for.


The Pork Krakel panini (below-left) was like the less developed younger sibling of the big brother brisket panini. Both shared daikon, carrot, onion and parsley as common elements but the latter clearly separated itself when it came to the protein and the ‘sauce’ element that tied it all together. If the Krakel was a film it would be something like Babel – multiple supporting characters with no discernible lead actor – a role that should have been taken up by the pork belly (and apple fennel compote – but the metaphor breaks down somewhat here).


The cheeseburger was like the golden child in whom so much was invested, but who failed to live up to potential. On paper this could have been an amazing value play given 160g Blackmore Wagyu comes standard. That’s the same Blackmore that’s responsible for the Wagyu in Rockpool’s standard-setting burger – but at about half the price. Alas, it was not to be. In terms of taste, a better comparison would have been Chur’s beef burger – with Chur an easy winner on both taste and price ($10 vs $13). My main gripe is with the patty itself – a bit overcooked for my personal taste, but I think a bit less time on the heat and a bit more sauce and this could still turn out to be a winner.


Obiter dicta: The toilet out the back requires a swipe card (which you can ask for from staff) to get in. Plenty of seating when we dined in for a Friday lunch.

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