Jurisdiction: Cafe

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio Decidendi: Great CBD addition for those after a bagel-fix during the working week.

Scope of Discovery: Lox Bagel ($10), Tuna Bagel ($10), Cinnamon Raisin Bagel /w Honey & Walnut Cream Cheese ($5.50)

Case Note: The classic combination of salt-cured Tasmanian salmon, onion & chive cream cheese and tomatoes in a chewy bagel is hard to go past. The question is whether Garden Park Kitchen / The Bagel Shop have gilded the lily by adding alfalfa sprouts to their Lox Bagel. I personally didn’t mind it but thought it did mask some of the other components slightly and I wouldn’t be surprised if the texture would have put some people offside. Wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world if the price was lowered or extra lox/cream cheese was put on in lieu of an alfalfa-less bagel? (but hey that’s just me)

DSC_1602 DSC_1603

The Tuna Melt was satisfying enough although I did struggle to taste the jalapeno smear and thus any ‘X factor’ for this bagel. Was quite a messy experience eating-wise as the filling tended to drip down to your fingers but hey that’s what the serviettes are for right? Overall, I’d back the lox over this one in the fish-ey bagel battle.

DSC_1618 DSC_1619

When it comes to the sweets – the cinnamon raisin /w honey walnut cream cheese spread (below) leads the pack. Fragrant, chewy bagel that pairs really well with a light and subtle spread.


Obiter Dicta: Nutella fans brace yourself – there is such a thing as ‘too much Nutella’. Before you get the pitchforks out and release the hounds on one of your own, hear me out. Their generosity with the nutella means it overly dominates everything else – which is a problem if you’d like to be able to taste the blueberry or cinnamon & raisin in your bagel. If you’re ordering a plain bagel then there isn’t such a thing as too much!

The bagels in isolation are chewy (but not overly or uncomfortably so) and in my opinion, good enough to eat in their own right. I suspect I’ll only start turning down the cream cheese spread around the same time I start saying no to bacon (i.e. it’s not happening).

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