Jurisdiction: Japanese

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio Decidendi: What it lacks in authenticity it more than makes up for in taste and $ value.

Scope of Inquiry: Spicy Salmon (x2), Spicy Tuna + Miso Soup Combo ($6.80)

Case Note: I wouldn’t be surprised if the sushi purists turned their nose up at this joint but it gets high marks for taste and full marks for value in my book. All the magic comes from the filling, or rather the spicy sauce that packs quite a punch in heat and flavour. It needs to be – if you were to consider the sushi rice and the quality of the fish in isolation, I’d suspect this place wouldn’t be shooting any lights out in the sushi battle stakes.


Bringing this home to a majority verdict is the value – $6.80 gets you 3 sushi rolls and miso soup which is quite amazing given the CBD location and the fact that it’s 2014. I’m not even sure whether I would have been able to get comparable value at my uni food court back in 2004!

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