Jurisdiction: Caribbean / Bar

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio decidendi: Great setting to have a drink with friends, not so great for food. If you do dine in, make sure you ask for the hot sauce as it goes a long way to turbo-charging the flavour on everything.

Scope of discovery: Workers platter for two (photo below-left) – includes baked cheese balls, pumpkin and beef brisket empanadas, chorizo meatballs, Cuban salsa and avocado cups ($33), Carnivore Tamales ($11), Gin & Tonic ($9).

Case Note: The only item which had standalone ‘oomph’ when it came to flavour were the empanadas. I regretted not dousing hot sauce on everything earlier. It fired up the meatballs which were needed more seasoning, the cheese balls which were on the dough-ey side, and the tamales which are effectively a big mash up of various veg and shaved pork.

DSC_1314 DSC_1313


The Lobo Plantation on Urbanspoon


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