Jurisdiction: Malaysian

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio decidendi: Top tier and great value chicken rice in the CBD, Prawn (Har) Mee is in the same league as Malay Chinese. Exclusively serves the CBD lunch crowd so likely to be inaccessible for those working in the ‘burbs.

Salient features: chicken rice and prawn mee.

Case Note: Ito’s has probably inherited the mantle of best chicken rice in Sydney since Singapore Shiok shut up shop earlier in 2014. The rice is fragrant and chicken-ey, the chicken is tender and moist, and the chilli sauce packs decent heat. Did I mention the serve is generous and a bowl of vegetable soup comes standard? It’s unfortunate the rice and the chicken is quite salty – I personally have quite a high tolerance but can imagine it being a borderline turn-off for some.


Obiter dicta: Ito’s was formerly To’s in North Sydney before they sold out and moved to new digs in the city. It’s located in the Food Base food court on the corner of Park and Castlereagh St (below street level).

Ito's Malaysian on Urbanspoon


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