Jurisdiction: Japanese

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio decidendi: Dragonboy is a great city option for udon if you can’t make it out to Marukame in Chatswood. The latter remains the benchmark for springy, slippery, al dente udon noodles but Dragonboy isn’t that far behind. If I were to compare the bowl as a whole i.e. allowing for broth and ingredients, I’d say there’s very little to separate the two as I personally think Dragonboy’s broth packs more flavour. If generosity of serving size were to be factored in, Dragonboy might actually shade an (Iron Chef) udon battle.


Like Marukame you have the option of adding various deep fried/tempura options. I went with the prawn kakiage which is a deep fried disc of lightly battered prawns and vegetables. It did little to change my view that tempura is hard enough to get right when served fresh out of the deep fryer, let alone if it’s been sitting in the open under a warmer.

Dragon Boy Japanese Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon


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