Jurisdiction: Bar / (various) ‘street’ food

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio decidendi: Similar to Lobo Plantation in that it seems like a great place to have a drink with your mates, but you’re probably going to go somewhere else once you’re ready for a feed.

Scope of discovery: Makers’ Mark Ribs ($25 for a  full rack on Weds), Jerk Chicken ($16).

Case Note: Pocket bar makes a great first impression as a relaxed bar where you can catch up with mates without having to compete with overly loud music. It’s unfortunate that the food seems rather pedestrian. Having visited on a Wednesday I ordered the Makers’ Mark ribs which was amazing value for a full rack atop a mountain of chips. The generosity of the serving size and the well seasoned chips however, were the only two positives as the ribs themselves were quite tough and in dire need of more sauce. The jerked chicken offered even fewer positives, and a tad undersized even when viewed in isolation (and not relative to the ribs).


Obiter dicta: In hindsight, the geographic culinary spread in the menu should have been a flashing neon sign reading “lower your expectations”. It’s somewhat incredulous to think that a single kitchen would have the culinary nous to execute perfect ribs, karaage chicken and jerk chicken. They do say that a jack of all trades, is a master of none.

Pocket Bar on Urbanspoon


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