Jurisdiction: Chinese

Ratio decidendi: My go-to place for authentic hand-pulled noodles following the change of ownership at Sea Bay Parramatta.

Salient Features: Beef soup noodles is the go.

Scope of inquiry: beef soup noodles ($8.90), xinjiang pan roasted lamb buns ($9.80), xinjiang bbq lamb ribs ($14.80)

Case Note: My advice is to walk straight to your seat, order a bowl of beef soup noodles, slurp away happily, then pay and head straight out the door. As with many ‘authentic’ asian joints, you don’t want to see or know what’s happening in the kitchen (if you get my drift…).

The noodles are thick and have good ‘bite’ to them but still manage to absorb the flavours of the broth. What I find surprising about this place is that the soup tastes like it could be laden with MSG, but none of the telltale (unquenchable thirst) symptoms appear after.


I’ve tried ordering various side dishes over the years but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the main event here is the noodle soup. Everything else I’ve tried has been overly greasy and the latest visit did little to disprove that. The Xinjiang BBQ lamb ribs smelled so enticing that the table next to us felt compelled to ask what it was. Sadly the meat-fat ratio on the ribs was in the order of 80-20 on the best pieces and overly sweet as though it had been sprinkled with sugar. The pan-roasted lamb buns were better but I suspect if a standard serve of noodles is enough to quell a dimsumforone blogger’s oversized appetite, I dare say it’s all you’ll want to order.

DSC_1725 DSC_1719

Obiter dicta: if you’re after a lamb skewer fix, head to Uighur Cuisine on Dixon st as you won’t find them here.

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Noodle Restaurant – Haymarket NSW

    1. I must remember to try the stir fried noodles next time Helen. The poky-ness has somewhat… grown on me over time hehe. Having to squeeze past and inconvenience other diners to get to an impossibly cramped seat in the corner – all part of the experience!


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