Jurisdiction: Taiwanese / Fried Chicken

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio decidendi: 3Q may have ended Hot Star’s monopoly over takeaway fried chicken but I think the incumbent still shades it for now.

Scope of discovery: Original fried chicken and curly fries combo ($10.90), sweet potato fries

Case note: Despite being on George St, finding 3Q wasn’t as straightforward as I thought. A small shop, recessed back from the footpath, underneath a Hungry Jacks sign and without obvious external signage of its own, we actually walked straight past it the first time round.

After quite a lengthy wait (despite it being off-peak), the fried chicken underwhelmed. Did enough to pass the ‘crunch’ test but the deal-breaker for me was overly ‘sweet’ batter and/or seasoning. If I hadn’t stolen some of the sweet potato fries that my colleague ordered, there would have been few positives to take away from the visit. The only thing I’d possibly return to try is the cheese stuffed fried chicken but I might struggle to get past that ‘sweet’ batter.


Obiter dicta: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken is just around the corner on Liverpool street – give it a try and decide for yourself which of these two Taiwanese joints reign supreme!

3Q Chicken on Urbanspoon


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