Jurisdiction: Japanese / Ramen

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Ratio Decidendi: Arguably the most authentic ramen joint south of the bridge that can hold a candle to Ryo’s.

Salient features: I come for the ramen and when feeling especially peckish (even after apart the obligatory kae dama) the cha shu rice too. Personal favourite broth is #7 (the one with the really long name – pictured below) but this is by no means the best – really depends on your ‘mood’ and your personal preferences.

Case Note: Although I haven’t tried all 9 broths, I’ve visited enough times to confidently say that the ramen will be cooked al dente, and there will be depth in the flavour of whichever broth you decide on. I also really like how they offer cha shu rice as a side dish. I couldn’t get enough of this when I visited Japan – a small bowl of salty pork cha shu, mayo and rice that’s sinfully good.


Obiter dicta: I tend to ask for kae dama just after the bowl of ramen arrives (although you might want to wait until you’re halfway through as I’m a pretty fast eater/slurper). I find ordering at the end of the first bowl usually means lukewarm soup by the time it arrives.


Manpuku on Urbanspoon


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