Jurisdiction: Cafe / Brunch / Bakery

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio Decidendi: Decent brunch-ey fare and probably the pick of the cafes on the main strip in Crows Nest but more of a ‘if you’re in the area’ sort of cafe (as opposed to somewhere you’d purposefully make a trip to).

Salient features: No particular standouts but the Breakfast of Kings (big breakfast fare) would please those recovering from a big night out.

Scope of discovery: breakfast of kings, croque monsieur, mushroom bruschetta,

Case note: Tried the croque monsieur and mushroom bruschetta during the most recent visit and they were about as exciting as represented in the pictures below (admittedly my amateur photography skills did not do them any favours).

DSC_1646 DSC_1645

Obiter dicta: If you’re in the area, try driving a bit further up to Artarmon and you’ll be rewarded with a pretty mean Croque Madame at Salvage Specialty Coffee.

St. Malo Bakery on Urbanspoon


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