Jurisdiction: (Taiwanese) Fried Chicken.

Outcome: Majority Verdict.

Ratio decidendi: Worth a visit to see how the Taiwanese do fried chicken but not sure whether one would be a repeat customer. Personally prefer this chain over the more recently opened 3Q Chicken on George St but it won’t be the first place I’d think of if in search of a fried chicken fix.

Salient features: Fried chicken (spicy), fried mushrooms.

Scope of discovery: above and curly fries

Case note: There’s no doubt this chicken has crunch. What I’m not such a big fan of is the starchy layer that resides beneath the crispy crunchy batter. I’d recommend getting some level of spicyness to give your chicken some added flavour. You may not need it for the first 1/3 but by the time you get towards the end a bit more seasoning will be welcome.


Obiter dicta: Oddly when I tried this on my trip to Taiwan I was left very disappointed. Overly oily and with the batter-chicken ratio all wrong I struggled to finish half of the serving before chucking it out. All that seems a parallel universe away from my experience at the Sydney franchise though!

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon


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