Jurisdiction: American / BBQ.

Outcome: Jury’s still out.

Ratio decidendi: Texas BBQ joint that makes all the right first impressions but food experience is a mixed bag. Try and go right on 6pm as that’s when the food is at its peak readiness for service. By arriving at 7.45pm as I did, there’s a chance you’ll miss out on items that have been sold out, and have a subpar experience with some meats which have been sitting in the oven to keep warm.

Salient features: Beef short rib, corn bread.

Scope of discovery: beef brisket, beef short rib, pork ribs, pulled pork, corn bread, slaw, jazz city lager.

Case note: Acknowledging my (relatively) late arrival at about 7.45pm I didn’t give Jazz City BBQ the best chance to shine as the meats would have been sitting in the oven for close to 2 hours. The beef short rib still fared very well and was juicy, fatty and tender. Couldn’t really say the same with any of the others which were … not that far off from being described as tough and dry (esp. the pork ribs). I found you needed to liberally apply the 5 sauces on offer as I felt there wasn’t enough seasoning on the meats themselves (and to also rehydrate some of the drier cuts of meat). Personal favourite was a mix of the chipotle chilli and mustard but I found mixing all 5 together worked too.


The only other highlight here for me was the cornbread which reminded me of the muffins you get at Kenny Rogers Roasters in terms of aroma and texture. Definitely brought back childhood memories!

Obiter dicta: Comparing my dining experience here with LP’s Quality Meats, I’d be more inclined to revisit the latter (admittedly this isn’t an apples with apples comparison though).


Jazz City BBQ on Urbanspoon


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