Jurisdiction: American (burgers).

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict.

Ratio decidendi: No one does American diner-style burgers better than Mary’s, and the newly opened CBD branch is just as good as the original in Newtown when it comes to tasty greasy goodness. Takeaway only.

Salient features: Double cheeseburger with bacon ($16), Chicken Burger ($12).

Scope of discovery: Breakfast Burger /w Egg ($13).

Case note: Even though it was worth it, trying to get a feed at Mary’s in Newtown wasn’t the easiest task. First you’d have to battle the traffic on King St, then drive around the backstreets hoping that empty gap was an actual parking spot and not someone’s driveway, then there’d be the queue at the front door unless you went early, and then there’d be the wait for your burger. With the new CBD branch – all but the last two steps have been erased given the takeaway only model. But that’s enough on logistics – onto the main event.

I’m not usually one to splash out but upgrading to a double cheeseburger with bacon is a must. It’s worth it despite the $16 price tag. Trust me.


Why is it worth it you ask? I could tell you all about how the double patties smothered with melted cheese running down their sides absolutely sing with juicy, greasy flavour and how the bun is perfectly soft with just the right level of sweetness AND how adding bacon on top of it all just takes it into hyperdrive.

Instead what I’ll try to do is convey the feeling that accompanies that first bite. It’s pretty much the same satisfying feeling you get from polishing off a large double quarter pounder meal /w a side of mac sauce at the end of a big night out – except in this case, no prior inebriation is required!

Fans of Mary’s buttermilk chicken will be pleased to know that it’s found its way into a very delicious burger which respectfully showcases its star protein without compromising its knockout standalone flavour. Unconfirmed reports indicate that 86% of Zinger burgers want to be Mary chicken burgers when they grow up.


Greasy goodness isn’t restricted to lunch or dinner with the introduction of a breakfast burger but I’m unlikely to order it again (or at least as long as the double cheeseburger is still an option). It’s sort of like the McMuffin’s badass cousin from the wrong side of the tracks. A pork shoulder sausage patty, bacon, egg (+$1 extra) and a hashbrown drenched in cheese, maple syrup and HP sauce makes for a hangover-busting burger – if you can wait until 10am when the doors open…


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