Jurisdiction: Bakery / Cafe.

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict.

Ratio decidendi: I’m not sure whether it’s humanly possible to sample all the treats on offer but there’s good reason why this is home to the consensus best cheesecake in Sydney – oh and the cannolis are pretty darn good too.

Salient features: ricotta cheesecake, cannoli.

Scope of discovery: above and nutella cheesecake, lime and strawberry granita.

Case note: “Papa knows best” emblazons the windows of this pasticceria – and when it comes to baked ricotta cheesecakes it’s pretty hard to argue otherwise. Enunciating what makes the cheesecake here distinctive however, turned out to be more arduous than I expected. Ultimately I think it’s the restraint (odd adjective choice I know, but try and stay with me) in the filling that I liked the most. Not overly rich, sweet or (ironically) cheesy filling and encased in a soft sponge pastry, it almost holds a sense of quiet confidence about it.


And the exact same sentiments are what makes the cannoli a winner too (delicate melt in your mouth pastry shell in place of the sponge pastry).


The nutella version of the cheesecake isn’t bad by any means but I’d order the original over it any day of the week. Filling to pastry ratio is significantly lower and the nutella doesn’t really do much for me (and that’s coming from someone who buys nutella by the jumbo jar!).

I found the granitas here to be a bit too sweet for my liking so I’d personally make the short drive to cremeria de luca in Five Dock if I was after an icy treat.

Obiter dicta: (sporting analogy warning) – if the ricotta cheesecake and cannoli were basketball players they’d be Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen respectively. Had he been on another team (pasticceria) Pippen (cannoli) probably would have been a superstar in his own right, but having Jordan (cheesecake) on your team casted too long a shadow for him to truly shine independently.


Pasticceria Papa on Urbanspoon


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