ginger & spice (2)

Jurisdiction: Chinese

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio Decidendi: Decent CBD option for handmade noodles, but the similarly-named Chinese Noodle Restaurant remains the benchmark.

Scope of inquiry: Beef Noodle Soup ($9.50), Pancake with beef filling ($10), BBQ Lamb Skewers ($5 for 2), Sauteed Chicken with Red Chilli ($15.80)

Case Note: Expectations were set when I was told “this is the best I’ve got” in response to a call for noodle joint suggestions in the city – but sadly they weren’t quite met. Certainly not a bad spot for handmade noodles, but not quite the same level as Chinese Noodle Restaurant which isn’t far from here.

ginger & spice (6)

On the plus side you can get your noodles with traditional lamb skewers (below-right) that are marinated with cumin, chilli and pepper – which I tend to think of as ‘Asian chicken salt’. The skewers at Uighur Cuisine on Dixon St are probably better but these aren’t a bad rendition either.


The sauteed chicken and beef pancake were good volume fillers but weren’t particularly memorable. The chicken was slightly overcooked/dry but I thought they got the dosage of Szechuan peppers bang on – enough for a bit of a kick, but not so heavy handed like some other places where you’re left with a zingy, tongue numbing sensation that renders your taste buds inert.

DSC_1291 ginger & spice (4)

Obiter Dicta: Despite the less than glowing review, I think this experience was coloured by the knowledge of something better. Had I not been to Chinese Noodle Restaurant, I may have been more positive – you can definitely tell this place is authentic from the staff and the other diners around you.

Chinese Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon


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