From February 2015 dimsumforone will take on a European slant as I follow the well-traversed ‘kangaroo route’ to make London my home for the next two years.

Continued coverage of food adventures is a given – a whole new culinary landscape to conquer! – and the goal is to grow out the travel section of this weblog with my weekend jaunts to the continent. By the end of it all it’ll hopefully be a useful guide for others looking to visit for either a little or long while 🙂


Image Credit: Conde Nast Traveller

Deciding to make the move wasn’t an easy decision. Despite the appeal of living in a sprawling metropolis that has Europe on its doorstep, my main cause for hesitation was well…life’s pretty darn good in Australia. Our cities consistently rank among the most ‘liveable’ in the world – a conjured term that considers factors like lifestyle, safety, healthcare etc. Factor in the significant (career, income) opportunity cost for most who make the move and it becomes increasingly difficult to construct a logical line of reasoning for giving up (even if only temporarily) this home that’s girt by sea.


I can only speak to the reasons for why I chose to move as it’ll naturally differ for each individual. The past year has taught me to embrace diversity of ‘life experience’ and this move represented the natural evolution of that. Despite the cultural diversity within each Australian city, moving from Melbourne to Sydney and doing a weekend trip out Jervis Bay isn’t really on the same level as moving to one of London’s 32 boroughs and a weekend jaunt out to say…Iceland.



On a personal level it also felt like the right time for a change. Now in my late twenties, and having only ever had one job, this felt like my last opportunity to take a risk before getting serious about settling down. I felt the longer time went on, the further I’d progress, the greater the opportunity cost and therefore the less likely it would be that I’d potentially risk it all in the name of living a ‘full’ life. In finally making a decision, the one thing that I drew great comfort from was totalling up the cost of my current lifestyle and realising how ‘imaginary’ the (career/income) opportunity cost was. It’s a good day when you realise a halving of your income isn’t going to result in a halving of your quality of life.


All the above was the theory – i’ll let you know in a couple of years whether it was worth it! Until then I’ve put together a couple of posts to share my experience in navigating the logistics of the move – from the big things like applying for a visa and getting a job, to the smaller admin-ey things you might forget to do before you leave the country. Hope it helps!



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