In terms of logistics, packing up my life in Sydney before heading back to Melbourne was a breeze. Moving has become an all too familiar task, perfected over time, and performed with increasingly ruthless cyborg-esque efficiency.

Something that hasn’t gotten any easier though, have been the goodbyes. Leaving Malaysia was my first big move and emotionally tough because of the timing – being old enough to have developed close friendships yet not mature enough to let go in the knowledge that life goes on.

Fast forward to 2014 and letting go is still tough, but for different reasons. The intervening years have brought some semblance of maturity, and with it a more conscious decision-making process about who you choose to spend your free time with. Forming genuine friendships in a post-uni setting is significantly harder, more highly valued, and consequently harder to leave behind. Of some small solace, is the sense of quiet confidence in their more enduring nature – distance, time and space be damned.

As I settle in for the long drive back down the Hume, nostalgia kicks in. I first arrived as an intern in the summer of 2009-10, returning for a graduate job in 2011. Curiosity and a yearning for independence brought me to the city, while the sport-friendly weather and remarkable gastronomical diversity gave me four memorable years and this blog.


Four years in the context of a lifetime isn’t much but when it’s your first four years ‘properly’ living away from home, working your first ‘proper’ job and the first move you had a conscious choice over – it’s hard not to get sentimental.

Thanks for the memories Sydney – I’ll see you, when I see you.



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