Jurisdiction: Korean (Fried Chicken)

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Ratio decidendi: It may take you some time to find your favourite style of fried chicken on the menu but rest assured that you’ve come to the right place for authentic, benchmark-setting, crunchy fried chicken.

Salient features: It’s probably safe to assume you’re here on a fried chicken mission but the other dishes are solid and worth ordering to balance out your meal. I personally prefer chicken fried on the bone (as opposed to the boneless options on the menu).

Scope of discovery: The entire fried chicken menu (no, really.), sun-tofu stew ($14).

Case note: On my most recent visit we ordered the spring onion chicken (below left), black sesame chicken (below right) and the spicy chilli chicken. That’s not to say that they’re the best – I find what you order will be a function of your personal tastes and what you feel like having on the day.

DSC_1813 DSC_1824

Depending on the size of your fried chicken entourage, I tend to avoid ordering a full serve of the hot + spicy or spicy chilli chicken because I find the sauce a bit much to have in large quantities (but hey that’s just me!)


I also find it helpful to order a serve of the tofu hotpot. As much as I love fried chicken, there’s only so much you can eat before needing a bit of a breather. Beer certainly helps (how this korean fried chicken and beer concept hasn’t taken over the world confuzzles me greatly) but just as welcome is the tofu hotpot to balance out the heat-y and (not overly, but more inherently) oily fried chicken.


Obiter dicta: Open 7 days, 11am – late.

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