Jurisdiction: Chinese.

Outcome: Jury’s Still Out.

Ratio Decidendi: Yunnan Two Sticks offers something a bit different and is worth trying once if for no other reason than the novelty. Personally I’m not convinced that the dishes on offer are able to sustain repeat business based on flavour, but I may be alone on this given the steady traffic on both my visits!

Salient features: Yunnan Signature Rice Noodle Soup

Scope of discovery: above and Yunnan Potato Risotto

Case note: Lasting impression from both visits was the novelty of it all. First with the signature rice noodle soup there’s the ‘show’ of the staff only tipping in the sliced pork into the broth at the table. You wait a minute and then tip the noodles (served in a separate bowl) into the soup, stir around a little to heat up the combination and then dig in! Ok maybe it’s not that much of a show but it’s not all that different in concept from pho noodles where everything is unceremoniously done in the kitchen without taste being compromised. On the subject of taste, it sort of reminded me of a cloudier version of the clean tasting broth you get with your handmade noodles at Chinese Noodle Restaurant. Overall it was pleasant, but not something I’d go out of my way to revisit.


The only factually accurate part of the “potato risotto’s” menu name is that potato cubes are one of the ingredients. There is no risotto, or at least not in the Italian sense of the word. Instead this is really crispy claypot rice – think the generic fried rice you get at food courts + chinese sausage served in an earthen pot. Almost all the premium you’ve paid in the $13 you’ve shelled out for this is in the ‘crisping’ of the rice at the bottom of the pot – worth it? I’m not too sure…


Two Sticks: Yunnan China on Urbanspoon


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