Jurisdiction: Greek (Gyros)

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Ratio decidendi: It may be out of the way for some but the drive to Bexley for gyros is worth it. Generous portions and big on flavour, Gyradiko would quickly reach institution status if they opened up a branch in the city to serve the late night crowd.

Case note: The sign outside reads: “the real taste of Greek gyros” and I’d be surprised if you could find many dissenting voices. Your choice of chicken or pork carved off a vertical spit, combined with tomato, onion and tzatziki and chips(!) in a warm pita bread. The decision between chicken or pork might normally be a tough one unless you solve gastronomical problems the same way that dimsumforone and Old El Paso do – by adopting the “why don’t we have both?” approach. I can cheerfully report however that there is no FOMO at Gyradiko because both are brilliant.


In most protein-choosing contexts, I’ve found the pork option to be the best percentage play – and it certainly didn’t disappoint here. But the use of chicken thighs aka the MVPs of a randomised KFC bucket, means the chicken ‘aint no slouch either. Add chilli to dial things up a notch and queue 5 minutes of silence from the ensuing chow-down.


Obiter dicta: When ordering, the correct pronunciation of gyros is ‘yee-ros’.

Gyradiko on Urbanspoon


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