Jurisdiction: Cafe

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio Decidendi: Solid brunch place that delivers in a sort of understated way. It’s not the sort of place with a specific dish that I’d crave to come back for but it’s also a place with few things on the menu that I haven’t found to my liking either. Well thought out flavour combinations on paper that are well executed resulting in dishes that end up tasting (well) as described. In this sense the lack of a poster-child dish makes the name choice very apt.

Salient features: Very hard picking a standout dish, apple pie waffles would be a natural repeat order if you’re after something sweet to round out the meal.

Scope of Inquiry: Apple pie waffles ($17), Poached Eggs /w Pork belly ($17.50), Coddled Eggs ($9.50), Smoky slow roast beef sandwich ($13.50),

Case Note:  The coddled egg was a great way to get things started – crunchy toasted bread soldiers that you dunk into a mini pot of tasty egg, creamed cauliflower, leek and gruyere. This is something that I’d think is best shared given the serving won’t be enough as a meal for most.


Poached eggs on sourdough come with a choice of various add-ons but it’s hard for me to go past the pork belly. Slow roasted means its juicy on the inside but finished in a pan for a crispy outer layer. Complemented well with sweet & sour cabbage for acidity and a touch of house mustard for a bit of kick – oh and those poached eggs? Textbook (or should I say cookbook?) execution.


Buttermilk waffles with maple baked apples, pecan crumb and ice cream. Classic combination that offers a sweet (but not overly sweet) way to round out the meal.


Mixed Business on Urbanspoon


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