Jurisdiction: Malaysian

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio decidendi: Authentic Malaysian in the heart of London.

Case note: There are probably few things I miss more though than a good plate of mee rebus. It’s one of the harder to find dishes even in Malaysia so I was pretty happy to find (what I describe to my aussie friends as) the ‘Malaysian carbonara’ on the menu.



KL cafe’s signature dish though is nasi lemak and although I don’t have a point of comparison for London, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was one of the better ones around. Fragrant coconut-ey rice and a strong sambal hit evoke memories of home.



Mee goreng is probably one of the most underrated dishes in the Malaysian food universe. Done well, it’s right up there with its more famous cousin – the iconic char kuey teow. I can’t call a winner between KL cafe’s and Roti King’s versions – suffice to say they’re both pretty darn tasty.


Location: Can be confusingly hard to find for first timers given the small purple sign. It’s on the first floor of the shop-lot to the left of Red Hot.DSC_3382


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