Jurisdiction: All sorts of (meat) chops

Outcome: Hung Jury

Ratio decidendi: the model of ‘doing one thing’ only works if you do it really well. Sadly there wasn’t much during my visit to convince me such is the case at Blacklock.

Salient features: Pre-chop bites were easily the highlight of the meal – came with the “All In” set menu but can be ordered separately. Couldn’t pick a favourite between the cheese & pickle, dripping ham and egg & anchovy – each setting the palate alight in their own way.


Scope of discovery: We went ‘all-in’ (which gets you the pre-chop bites, a mix of small chops and sides) and topped it up with a ~kilo t-bone. The plates were empty in under 15 minutes but this was as much to do with the hour+ wait between starters and mains. Whil


The biggest let down was the t-bone. Cooking a beast of a cut isn’t easy but in some parts the ‘charring’ (to put it diplomatically) went too far. I’d stick to the small-chops which were much better prepared albeit lacking in any sort of x-factor that would differentiate it from many a backyard barbecue in Aus.


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