Jurisdiction: Spanish

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Ratio decidendi: Pricey but worth it if you’re careful with your ordering. While the Presa Iberico (understandably) remains the main drawcard, but it’s the [] on the brunch menu that’ll have me coming back.

Salient features:

The Presa Iberico (67.50) is a must for any first time visitor if for no reason other than to redefine what pork can taste like. On first inspection it’s hard to believe you’ve just been served pork.


Even on tasting – it’s still a challenge to mentally process that the marble-y taste you usually associate with high grade wagyu is attributable to a pig. Watching the chefs at work, it looks like little is done to this shoulder cut of the black Iberian pig other than cooking it on a hot plate, finishing it off in the oven and then seasoning with salt.  Despite the remarkable experience though, I don’t think there’ll be a repeat order soon – at 67.50 for the minimum order of 500g it comes at a steep price.

What will have me coming back though is the sobrasada (sort of like a chorizo pate) on toast. Topped off with Mahon cheese and honey, the harmony of savoury and sweet combined in devastating fashion to have me hooked from the first bite – easily one of the best things I’ve eaten in London.


Scope of discovery:

Other than the above, the empanada scored points for a clever reinvention of what most (or certainly I) picture empanadas to be. The distinguishing feature is the thin beancurd skin-esque pastry that houses a tasty spinach and sheep cheese filling.


In terms of the negatives, the grilled octopus…


…and especially the orange torrijas (brunch menu – pictured) were forgettable.



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