Destination Profile

  • Rich in history for those so inclined but also caters well to those looking for a quiet and relaxing weekend away.

Trip Overview

What we did

  • Caught an evening flight from London after work on a Friday, returned Sunday night.
  • Travelling group was a mix of first timers as well as return visitors.

The positives

Eat and Drink: It’s easy to drink and dine like a king if you have the benefit of earning GBP. Cheap beers make this the unsurprising destination of choice for stag do’s but there’s so much more to the Prague food scene than that.


A carnivore’s paradise. It’s easy to suffer from choice paralysis given the number of cuts of beef on offer. Our favourites were the oyster blade and fillet mignon for tenderness and flavour .


Oh and finishing the meal with the dark beer ice-cream is a must.


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If you need a break from the Czech meat and dumpling diet, this ‘fusion’ Asian establishment is a great option. Don’t expect anything all too avantgarde though as the extent of the ‘fusion’ seems to be limited to the use of traditional Czech meat and produce in Asian recipes. The standard is nevertheless very commendable by European standards. Favourite dish for me was a crispy pork belly and watermelon dish which had a sweet sauce not too dissimilar from that you find with Malaysian rojak.


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Traditional Czech fare is never far away with 5 branches around Prague. If you can get past the potentially off-putting visual, the beef tartare on toast is definitely worth ordering.

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Walking Tour – The Naked Tour Guide Company

The fact I found this enjoyable despite this being my second time in Prague is a testament to this walking tour. Our guide, Ivan, took us on a 3 hour walkthrough of the history of Prague and its sights, culminating in beers atop a park overlooking the city.


Escape Room

As a not so closet nerd, it’s little surprise I loved my first time in an Escape Room. For the uninitiated, the concept is you’re locked in a room and need to solve all sorts of puzzles to escape within 60 minutes. You’re monitored the whole time on CCTV to (i) make sure you don’t do anything stupid but (ii) to also manage you to the 60 minute deadline. If the organisers see you’re lagging behind they’ll ring through with hints to try and move you along. Great fun to be had, we booked with Trap Prague but that was really more about timing availability rather than preference.

The not so positives

Staying on a ‘Botel’: We stayed on Botel Matylda – a converted boat hotel permanently moored near the Dancing House. While it’s certainly a novel experience, I probably won’t be a repeat customer. Inside the rooms there’s no boat ‘feel’ and no air-conditioning on a hot weekend probably didn’t help either.

Things I’d do differently

Learn more about the communist era: the nuclear bunker and communist history tour looks a go-er should there be a 3rd trip to Prague for me.

Check out the watering holes by the Vltava: the Vltava is the river that runs through the center of the city and it’s unfortunate we we didn’t have enough time to check out Bajkazyl which is a bike-rental place that doubles as a pub on its banks.


  • If you’re travelling during summer (we visited in July) be warned that the mercury can soar – 32 degrees on the Saturday and 35 degrees on the Sunday did take a toll but thankfully beers are never far from reach.
  • Book ahead. We pre-booked our historical walking tour, meals and the escape room but missed out on a food walking tour because we left it too late.



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