Jurisdiction: Dim Sum / Yum Cha

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict

Salient features: Lau Sar Pau (salted egg yolk ‘lava’ steamed pau)

Ratio Decidendi: Quality dim sum, good range of dishes, at reasonable prices. It’s been surprisingly hard to find a good yum cha place since returning to Melbourne but I’m glad to have finally found my weekend go to. All too often I’ve found restaurants trying to cut corners by stinging out on the amount of prawn (or protein element) in their dim sum (in some cases ‘diluting’ it with a filler), but not at Ripples. It’s refreshing to not only taste the prawn in each bite but to actually see it!

The lau sar pau is downright legit and underlines Ripples credentials. Directly translated, it means ‘flowing sand bun’ given it’s molten salted egg york/custard filling and is typically ordered as a dessert. Of the few places that do offer it in Melbourne, many tend to be more custardy than flowing (sorta like getting a chocolate lava cake that’s more pudding than molten) but these guys take ‘flowing sand’ literally. Word of warning – the liquid contents is piping hot so exercise the same degree of care as you would with a xiao long bao!


For those who aren’t fans of salted egg york, the nai wong pau (custard egg steamed pau) is a great alternative. As with most yum cha places, both are off the (cart) menu and you’ll have to put in a special order.

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