Jurisdiction: Burgers

Salient features: The black label burger; vanilla malt shake; sriracha mayo; sweet potato waffle chips

Verdict: Despite what are hopefully teething issues from its first week in operation, there was plenty to like about the “black label” edition of Neil Perry’s Burger Project. What sets the black label’s signature burger apart is the beef and triple smoked bacon mixed patty (yes you read that right) which was cooked to perfection – bit of char on the outside and a touch pink in the middle. The richness of the grass fed Cape Grim beef and the X factor that was the bacon was a delicious carnivorous symphony.


While I don’t as a general rule subscribe to the “less is more” adage when it comes to food, this should have been an exception when choosing between single or double patties. Ultimately “I’ll have the double black please” rolled off the tongue much too easily and I found myself in a self-inflicted practical battle to take bites which contained more than 2 burger elements at a time.

The vanilla malt shake was an absolute delight. Indulgently creamy yet drinkably light at the same time, there’s an option to add a cheeky shot of a spirit of your choice. Having opted for whisky I was left feeling cheated after my first sip – not being able to taste the slightest trace of whisky at all! It turned out to be a fortunate ordering gaffe having subsequently found out that the whisky shot would have set me back $14 had it gone through.

Despite my sweet potato waffle fries being criminally lukewarm, their underlying crispness was undeniable. Any lingering gripes quickly dissipated with the house made sriracha mayo which set the taste buds alight. At $2.50 a pop for the sauce though, a more generous serving portion would have not only been fair but welcome.


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