dimsumforone is the Melbourne-based weblog of a third culture kid’s domestic and international adventures (on a budget) which inevitably revolve around food. A love for food stems from my childhood in Malaysia – a country blessed with a diverse mix of cultures and consequently cuisines. Growing up, and even now – it is not uncommon for Malaysians to discuss what they plan on having for dinner…while in the midst of lunch.

The name “dimsumforone” was inspired by my first visit to Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong where I was hopelessly unable to exercise any form of restraint when ordering. The end result? Dim Sum (or yum cha as its known in Aus) as pictured below…for one.


On food blogging though, I’d be the first to acknowledge that this is an inherently subjective arena, and that the only truism is that my posts reflect my preferences.

On travel, I am grateful for how it has helped me develop a better understanding, appreciation and respect for other cultures, beliefs and viewpoints as well as given me countless memories and long-lasting friendships. I genuinely believe the world would be a more harmonious place if we spent more time in each others backyards, so to the extent that this blog can either inspire or help with some of the practicalities of getting your next trip booked I would consider that a success.

Lastly but most importantly, thank you for reading.

email: dimsumforone.bt@gmail.com

instagram: @dimsumforone


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