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dimsumforone is the weblog of a third culture kid’s never-ending search for good (but reasonably priced) food on his domestic and international travels. Born and raised in Malaysia, schooled in Melbourne, corporate conformist in Sydney, weekend warrior in London and now back in Victoria – my love for food stems from my childhood in Malaysia – a country blessed with a diverse mix of cultures and consequently cuisines. Growing up, and even now – it is not uncommon for Malaysians to discuss what they plan on having for dinner…while in the midst of lunch.


The name dimsumforone comes from my first visit to tim ho wan in Hong Kong where my usually dominant ‘left-brain’ found itself hopelessly unable to quell the appetite to try everything on the menu. the end result? Dim Sum as pictured below – for one.


The name is also a hat tip to my former phobia to dine alone. Call it ego, call it pride, I used to be terrified of the image of being that friend-less diner by himself in the corner. While that phobia hasn’t entirely been overcome, the advent of ebooks and smartphones has certainly gone a long way to making those solo dining experiences a lot less uncomfortable. A quiet Sunday breakfast with a book at a cafe has probably now overtaken Saturday night football as my favourite time of the week.


Thanks for reading and please visit the glossary page if the nerdy legal references / format aren’t making any sense. No w*nkiness intended (honest!) – that and any other nerdy maths/stats/science references are just my way of having fun with my writing. dimsumforone was primarily started as a fun self-help tool to try and live a life that eschewed routine and one that embraced diversity in life experiences.


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