Food Guide: Beijing (China)

Trip profile: Most come to Beijing to see the historic sites and do a day trip out to the great wall. I used it as a base to explore the more remote sections of the great wall, explore its variety of neighborhoods and most importantly sample Peking duck right at its source. Timing: 6 days … Continue reading Food Guide: Beijing (China)


Lilette – Malvern (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Cafe Outcome: Majority Verdict Salient Features: Almond Croissant, Beef Bourguignon Pie Ratio Decidendi: It's not often that someone's lauded for their flakiness, but when that someone's producing the kind of croissants and pies that Lilette are, I'm sure they won't mind one bit. With each bite of their almond croissant, I couldn't help but wonder … Continue reading Lilette – Malvern (VIC)

Monty’s Deli – Maltby Street Market (UK)

Jurisdiction: Food Market Stall (Sandwich) Outcome: Unanimous Verdict Salient features: The Reuben Ratio decidendi: I was first introduced to, and fell head over heels in love with pastrami at Katz's in New York. The problem I've had since then has been finding a pastrami sandwich that warrants even a mention in the same breath as my … Continue reading Monty’s Deli – Maltby Street Market (UK)

Assenheim’s 56 – London (UK)

Jurisdiction: Take-away Outcome: Unanimous verdict Salient features: Grilled chicken Ratio decidendi: The queues out the door don't lie. Everyone's here for the grilled chicken. Your only real options are whether you want rice, salad or grilled vegetables for your sides and whether you want to be merely immobile after the experience (regular serving size) or comatose (large). While the … Continue reading Assenheim’s 56 – London (UK)

Jose Pizarro – Broadgate Circle, London

  Jurisdiction: Spanish Outcome: Majority Verdict Ratio decidendi: Pricey but worth it if you're careful with your ordering. While the Presa Iberico (understandably) remains the main drawcard, but it's the [] on the brunch menu that'll have me coming back. Salient features: The Presa Iberico (67.50) is a must for any first time visitor if for no … Continue reading Jose Pizarro – Broadgate Circle, London