Country Cob Bakery – Kyneton (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Bakery Salient features: For all the fanfare and publicity around Country Cob's award-winning pies, it's the vanilla slice that leaves a lasting impression. Crisp puff pastry and a smooth but not overly sweet vanilla cream heart, it was the highlight of the visit. Verdict: The "award winning" pie tag doesn't help with managing expectations. … Continue reading Country Cob Bakery – Kyneton (VIC)


Daniel’s Donuts – Springvale (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Bakery Salient features: The classic combination of the jam and cream donut is hard to beat. Jam donuts can be guilty of being sickly sweet but the counterbalance of the cream together with the pillowy softness of the donut are the makings of a local food icon. Yet to try the durian donut (only … Continue reading Daniel’s Donuts – Springvale (VIC)