Bamboo Chopsticks – Doncaster East (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Chinese Salient features: Fried whole barramundi /w tofu, salt & pepper chicken ribs, stuffed beancurd & eggplant, sambal Verdict: Our family's go to Chinese restaurant whenever we're in the north-east quadrant of Melbourne. Many of the patrons have been coming for years and with good reason - great Chinese cooking, good portion sizes and … Continue reading Bamboo Chopsticks – Doncaster East (VIC)


Gelateria Primavera – Melbourne CBD (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Gelato Salient features: Fior di latte, Pistachio Verdict: When it comes to gelato in the CBD, there's only really one place for me and this is it. Personal favourite flavours are pistachio and fior di latte - the latter ("flower of milk") is said to be gelato in its purest form given it comprises … Continue reading Gelateria Primavera – Melbourne CBD (VIC)

Agathe Patisserie – South Melbourne (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Patisserie Outcome: Majority Verdict Salient features: The classic croissant Ratio Decidendi: When it comes to the classic croissant, Agathe tops the charts for me. This is admittedly a controversial choice as croissants are defined by their delicate,¬† flaky, buttery layers and Agathe's have a distinctly less airy inner than the perennial favourite, Lune. For … Continue reading Agathe Patisserie – South Melbourne (VIC)

Hataka Gensuke QV – Melbourne CBD

Jurisdiction: Japanese Outcome: Unanimous Verdict Salient features: Signature Tori Ramen Ratio Decidendi: As to the natural question of "how does the QV branch compare to the Russell Street one?" - the fair answer is that it doesn't compare at all. The QV branch specializes in tori (chicken) ramen while the flagship dishes out tonkotsu (pork). … Continue reading Hataka Gensuke QV – Melbourne CBD

Tim Ho Wan – Melbourne CBD (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Yum Cha Outcome: Majority Verdict Salient features: Yum Cha after dark,¬†Baked BBQ pork bun, Ratio Decidendi: Tim Ho Wan needs no introduction - long before the Michelin guide reviewers visited Singapore's hawker stalls, this dim sum institution boasted the cheapest Michelin starred meal in the world. Best known for its signature baked BBQ pork … Continue reading Tim Ho Wan – Melbourne CBD (VIC)