Travel Guide: Northland (New Zealand)

Trip profile: Road trip starting in Auckland up the east coast and taking in beaches, the bay of islands and returning down the west coast which is home to the impressive kauri trees. Timing: 4 days in January which is a perfect time of the year to escape the scorching heat of Australia. Temperatures range … Continue reading Travel Guide: Northland (New Zealand)


Travel Guide: The Grampians (VIC)

Trip Profile: A roadtrip to Grampians national park to take on a couple of its most iconic hikes as well as a stopover in historic Ballarat to explore a restored mining town. Timing: A weekend in late September but keen hikers could spend so much longer.  Spring is an especially good time to visit given the … Continue reading Travel Guide: The Grampians (VIC)

Travel Guide – Road trip to Albany (WA, Australia)

Trip profile: Road trip starting and ending in Perth, taking in Pemberton, Denmark and Albany as well as a hike in the Sterling Range national park. Timing: 72 hours, November 2017. I would recommend visiting during the early days of summer as the longer days allow for more stops.   DAY 1 Start point: Perth … Continue reading Travel Guide – Road trip to Albany (WA, Australia)

Travel Guide: Kangaroo Island (SA, Australia)

Trip profile: A road trip that revolves around wildlife and unique geological formations in an environment that enforces a (welcome) disconnection from society not just due to its geographic location, but also the absence of cell reception. When to go? Over a long weekend. While I'm sure you can spend several weeks on Kangaroo island, two days … Continue reading Travel Guide: Kangaroo Island (SA, Australia)